"Because of the LORD'S great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.
They are new every morning, great is your faithfulness." Lamentations 3:22-23

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Desire of My Heart

Several weeks before our anniversary, I told my husband, Bruce, all I wanted for my anniversary was dinner at Highlands Bar & Grill.  Highlands is a very, very nice award-winning french restaurant in downtown Birmingham.  I've been wanting to go for 27 years and finally decided that this would be the year.  In years past we've been very fortunate to be able to take a long weekend and go away somewhere; usually Nashville or Destin but this year all I wanted was to go to Highlands!

A few days after I told Bruce that this is what I wanted to do he said that he called the restaurant and they were booked solid for Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.  Thursday night I could totally understand seeing as it was Valentine's Day and all but Friday and Saturday, too???  Well, so much for those plans.  We decided on a movie and dinner afterwards, possibly Waffle House.  No kidding.  We both love Waffle House and Ben hates it.  What better opportunity than when he's not with us.

On Valentine's Day, the day before our anniversary, Bruce calls and says that he saw on Ben's FB page where someone had posted that they had a reservation for Highlands Bar & Grill and weren't going to use it and wanted to know if anyone was interested.  Bruce not really sure if this was legit asked me about it and I said sure go ahead and message them and see what they say.  Come to find out, this man's son and our son, Ben, were in the same kindergarten class and this man remembered Ben.  (Who could forget Ben!!) 

He told Bruce that weeks out before big days like Valentine's he'll make reservations at places and then ask his wife where she'd like to go.  He'd made a reservation at Highlands and Flemings and she chose Flemings.  (Been there, didn't like it, yeah, I know....weird, huh?)  Anyway, we took his leftover reservation for Friday night at 6:45.

Interestingly, this man told Bruce that as he was doing his devotional that morning the Lord really impressed upon him to be a blessing to someone that day.  He offered this reservation to a young man he was mentoring but he also declined. 

I know and believe in my heart that God intended it for Bruce and me that night.  Sure, He could have just let Bruce call the restaurant and make a reservation but that would have been too easy.  God wanted us to know, He wanted ME to know that He truly loves me even when I feel so undeserving and wants to give me the desires of my heart no matter how small it may seem.  I won't forget the day God poured out His love on us and I wanted to put this in writing for prosperity so that we won't forget this very special time.

Not all days are like this.  Some days are very disappointing and things don't work out the way that I think they should.  I get really frustrated and discouraged.  But, even on these days I KNOW and BELIEVE that God is in control and it will work out.  Not today but eventually because He does love us and wants to bless us.

I'm just thanking God publicly for such a awesome show of His grace on us.  The dinner was absolutely wonderful and I can't wait to go back!!

"Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart."  Psalm 37:4

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